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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Chicken Scratch 8 Ball Part II

Things went towards the better. I had a good job as a counselor, I liked my job and I had a small apartment within walking distance of work. The apartment was 400 a month all utilitys included, gas, water, electric, and cable

Sadly I was attacked one day at work. I was pushed over a chair arm and pinned to the floor by a client, who proceeded to hit me in the face approximatly twenty times, he eventually got off of me only to kick me in the face another few times. I continued to go to work even thou I didn't feel that well.

I eventually lost my job after being set up by a crooked boss. I lost my job over shower shoes in the cafeteria, and one late group. This boss was an idiot, I will tell that to him to his face. I was a dedicated employee who had worked there for five years. A shame for sure.

I married my third wife Chris in October of 2002, we moved to another county and bought a small farmhouse on a few acres. The move was to get me closer to work at another facility. I liked this area, we are close to the Tennessee river, a prime recreational area. The house needs a little work, but the area is quiet and pretty.

We had one of the worst neighbors in the world, I do believe this man is lower than pond scum. And to this day I hate him, and that is that. Our realtor sold us the house not telling us that the septic tank was on the neighbors property. He falsely sold us the home knowing well that this was so. So if you ever decide to purchase a home in Perry County Tennessee Don't buy the home from the realtor on the square. Call the better business bureau first and inquire.

We bought a new septic tank, even thou the nasty neighbor threatened the contractor who was hired with bodily harm, I eventually had the work done by someone else. So we settled in.

In 2003 I bought a few chickens, Mostly Rhode Island Reds, and some Leghorns. I never owned a chicken in my life. But now I was a chicken farmer. The back end of a garage had an enclosed room in it, which I converted into my first coop. Thru the winter we fed em, and them chickens got alot bigger.

In 2004 I bought from the 4-H show the Grand Champion Flock of 6.... They were Black Sex -Links... I put them in this coop also, but to my dispair these chickens were very peck-oriented and proceeded to kill off all the other birds.

I built a coop outside in 2005 and was ready to move the birds out to this coop when the winds of Hurricane Katrina came thru and knocked down the coop. I was rebuilding the coop when after feeling tired I quit for the day. Chris wanted to go out to ear so we went to a restaurant on the other side of the river.

On the way back from the restaurant I felt extreme pain in my left side, and asked my wife to get me to a hospital..... In the emergency room, the attending doctors made a decision to life-flight me to a larger hospital. My left side was completly numb, I had loss of speech and movement. After a long helocopter ride which almost took an hour, I found myself in another emergency room 75 miles away. My wife who drove arrived at the hospital about 10 minutes after I did.

I was mis-diagnosed as having a stroke by the doctors, mis-diagnosed by the paramedics in flight as having a heart attack. And I was held overnight for observation. Seems I had a pinched nerve that shut down my left hand side. If you can imagine somebody taking your left arm and pulling it thru your right hand side, that's what I felt like.......

I went thru numerous tests and was finally released. I was refered to an orthopedic surgeon who confirmed that I had a pinched nerve, and three discs in my neck that were breaking up......
This was in Sept. 2005.......

Somewhere towards December I was bitten in the neck by some sort of spider. Inflamation and infection spred and an operation which I desperatly needed was postponed. I was to have 3 discs in my neck replaced C5, C6, and C7....... This was a direct result of the beating I took years earlier. eventually the spider bite cleared up. After two months of Anti-biotics......

My surgery was finally scheduled for April 17, 2006.............

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