Follow the daily aspects of a city boy turned Chicken Farmer. after pursueing the American Dream for 30 years, The author finally bought a small farm in the middle of southern Tennessee. Quite a diffrent look from Chicago that is for sure.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Chicken Scratch 8 Ball

I hope you enjoyed reading my little chatter. Thank you for stopping by, Have a Nice Day


Now For something totally diffrent.

Life has been diffrent since I have been laid up, can't sleep most of the time so I stay up very late and either watch the TV or sit here at the puter and surf alot. I started this blog with the intention of seving up a comedic answer to everyday boredom.

In the next few blogs I hope to achieve the goal.

When I was living in the Chicagoland area I really didn't enjoy it, gees you could hear the neighbors toilet flush in the middle of the nite. And if he cut the big one, you were even pleasured with the essence.

I knew I had to move.

I had every intention to move to Northern Wisconsin, I had friends that were buying property near the town of New Miner, a place we always went on fishing and camping trips. I had plans to move there by the time I was 30, then 35, then 40...... But that never materialized. I do miss the area.

That area of Wisconsin is beautiful, it was an area that I had frequented since I was 12, My father's godmother lived there and almost all our vacations were spent there. Odd but a coincedence.

Finding the funds to move up there were non existintent. Every time I found a good job I lossed it, Times were tuff living in Chicagoland, and prices were high.

So how does a city boy turn Chicken farmer. Well my second wife, was from Tennessee, and even thou we had a house in Lockport Il, we just had to move to Tennessee, so the house was sold and we made the move to Tennessee.

Sure I vacationed in Tennessee before, I liked it and I was due for a change. So we packed up as much we could in a u-haul truck and headed south. we rented a house for a year , and had the opportunity to buy some land with a building on it that was already a restaurant -bar. So we bought it. We were in business for a year when the ex wife decided to lose interest in the venture. First we were ripped off by her brother, a so-called partner, then by her sons one after the other.

Towards the end, my ex-wife drained our account of over 20 thousand dollars, buying things that she just had to have and getting tired of them and giving them away without even consulting me. Her sons one by one moved in, leeched off of us, and eventually distroyed what little marriage we had left.

Ny ex would take off for weeks at a time to be with her girlfriends. eventually I found out she was Bi. The last straw was when she took the money for the electric bill and went on a weekend with one of her girlfriends. Her luck I found out where she was two weeks later. She was re-cooperating from stepping on a catfish. My love for her was growing slim.

I kept working, trying to pay bills, she forced me into a bankruptcy, and eventually moved in with her girlfriend -lover. I was disgusted and broke, I really hit rock bottom.

Thru work I met a great girl who was a great friend. We talked about everything and enjoyed each other. Eventually the two of us made a mistake and fell in love with each other. I was seperated and she just went thru a divorce.... I was looking to file for mine. I borrowed two thousand dollars and filed for divorce on the grounds of abondonment.... The ex, the witch she was filed a counter claim on infedility... Trouble was I was faithful to that witch til the day we separated.

Didn't matter thou, she won on a faked hardship plea. She and one of her other lovers faked documents to have her claim disabled. This other woman owned an insurance company and filed three forms of insurance denial. I guess it is who you sleep with huh. A judge, another ex -lover of hers was appointed her attorney because she had no money... In other words I got screwed.

All I got out of the marriage was my clothes. My ex even thou court ordered to diversify all holdings fifty fifty took it all, stole my car, and put me on foot. I got the bottom of that shaft for sure. I continued to work and pay her rehabilitation alimony but I wouldn't give up. I was tuff and even thou I had nothing I kept going on.....................


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