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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Chicken Scratch 5

Been busy keeping my mind off the pain, been to two doctors in the last week about my new neck. I think it is adjusting well, but when people say your a pain in the neck, they must of been talking about mine.

I have been moderating a horror forum, that has left little time to do anything... give em a try.....

I have been compiling a pictoral history of vampires in film, It has been getting very extensive, and the site is well worth a peak, Say the chickenfarmer sent ya when ya sign in.

For gardenening enthusiasts I can also be found

Keeping the garden going has been a pain lately, with my neck hurting I don't do much, the heat down here makes it worse.

My pet salamader Sebastion died, hadn't seen him in a couple days and he passed on. I aquired a pair of Convict Chiclids, I put them into a twenty gallon aquarium and hoping i will expand later.
I aquired these thru a friend thru Freecycle tm ....

Check them out for a local group in your area,,,,





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