Follow the daily aspects of a city boy turned Chicken Farmer. after pursueing the American Dream for 30 years, The author finally bought a small farm in the middle of southern Tennessee. Quite a diffrent look from Chicago that is for sure.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Chicken In The Breadpan Picking Out Dough

Chickens do eat dough, and just about anything else ya throw em... Ate Mrs. Chickenfarmers Potato Salad last nite... They were fighting over it...

Amazing what some people will write about ain't it...

The weather was cool and overcast today... But this afternoon it soared back up into the 90's...

Check out the news about them terrorassed people playing games again and getting caught... them boys was mostly americans, what the heck was that all about... I have some family that still lives in Chicago, they don't know what to think about all that shit and a half. Americans. !

I missed my favorite tv garden show today... Gardening By The Yard.... I think Paul James is totally a nut case. But he makes sense. he reminds me of a friend I had in College... His name was Paul too and had a huge mustache also... That guy could eat 60 krystals in one sitting and wash it down with a diet cola.

I got a coupon in the mail today for 5 bucks off on Purina Chicken Food... the coupon was expiered and to top it off they were announcing a funniest chicken photo contest.. The entry was supposed to be posted by May 12th, 2006 !

Go figure.....


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