Follow the daily aspects of a city boy turned Chicken Farmer. after pursueing the American Dream for 30 years, The author finally bought a small farm in the middle of southern Tennessee. Quite a diffrent look from Chicago that is for sure.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Chicken Scratch 3


It be today... Woke up late today... nearly 8:00 am, i must of been real tired, never sleep that late...

After I feed and water the birds , I will make my sunday morning trip to the dumpsters to go shopping.... Find the neatest stuff on the weekends.

Seems like it will be another hot one today in the south. The sun is real bright, it must of got up early. The flowers are still open from last night, we have the prettiest tri-colored four-o-clocks. and the wildflowers look pretty with the morning dew on em.

Might go visit the neighbor down the road later... I been sneaking around trying to find out details on the suprise birthday party the wife is planning. I hit the big 50 this tuesday.

We went garage saleing on Thursday... we picked up a dinosour cake pan, so my cake will be a dinosour shaped, yellow cake with mint chocolate frosted...

That's it for now...


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