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Monday, July 24, 2006

Chicken Farmer Learns New Hobby

They say they can't teach old dogs new tricks, but they sure can teach em to old chickens.....

We want to start a new hobby making candles, recently during a power outage, I searched all over for candles, Found a few fragrant ones and lit em up. Sitting in the dark for awhile got me to thinking about the pleasant smells and how easy it would to give these things to people who enjoy them.

So I sat for awhile and thought that my new hobby would be to start making candles. So I now declare my new hobby... Chicken Farmer and Candle Maker.

I know that I really know nothing. The last time I made a candle as a school project we melted crayons in one of mom's pots and got yelled at for ruining the pot.

So there has to be better ways of doing this. The following link has some supplies to get anyone started:

I found an awful lot of nice things in this site, Give em a try.

Chicken Farmer


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