Follow the daily aspects of a city boy turned Chicken Farmer. after pursueing the American Dream for 30 years, The author finally bought a small farm in the middle of southern Tennessee. Quite a diffrent look from Chicago that is for sure.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Chicken Scratch 7

Well, another day in the 100's, dang it sure has been hot around here lately. Been pouring a ton of city water to the garden, just to keep em alive.

Been pulling peppers and green beans, but not much else. had a cucumber, pepper salad the other night. tasted great.

Been very hot and the chickens are drinking gallons of water. they take all i can give em. Chickens have just like humans the ability to have heatstoke, so making sure they have enough water is very essential.

They have been constantly laying in this heat and I am proud of the girls.

The holler I live in has been quiet lately . maybe I should get out there and kick a few stones huh?

I saw a TV advertisement about that new movie about the twin towers, I am sorry but I hope I am not the only one who thinks that this is totally politically incorrect. That movie should have never been made. I wonder how many other people will end up getting sick over this movie.. bad Move Hollywood.


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