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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sad News

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Sad news on the Chicken farm tonite........

Our Pomeranian Gizmo died this afternoon...... Combination of heat stroke and not being able to revive em in time. Gizmo was an inside dog, but we let him play outside about an a hour a day.

Our temps all the last couple weeks were in the high 90's, today it didn't get much past 87'....
This is a real shame, he would of been three years olde in November... We will miss him ever so much.

It's a shame but you really don't miss someone till thier gone. And poor Gizmo I will miss. This lil s*** was a real stinker, he would bark at about anything, and he had the greatest set of ears, he could hear a truck coming a 1/2 mile off and start barking. He was one of the best doorbells around. He would dance on his hind legs to beg for a snack. Dang tonite sux.

Our loss will be great because he and his character cannot be replaced. It was one of the sadest things that any farmer can do, is to bury a beloved animal. I cried while I dug that hole tonite. I'm crying as I type.


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